About Us


The mission of the Sunder Foundation is to connect art, science and people with the blossoming possibilities of mental wellness. By incorporating socio-cultural, artistic and technological innovations, we aim to facilitate a deep sharing, healing and honoring of our stories and selves. Through fostering connections with one another and with nature, we strive to develop a compassionate culture of understanding and celebration of diversity, that ultimately strengthens and nourishes the universal in all of us.


The ultimate vision of the foundation is to cultivate conversations and raise awareness about the interconnections of the various aspects of human nature, exploring the uncharted potentials of the nurturing expressions of mental wellness, and delineating the processes by which they take shape. By supporting individuals, pioneers, artist, scientists and visionaries, the foundation’s goals are to facilitate expression and innovation, and to foster leadership in this seminal field of work. This will enable us to illuminate and reflect what the empowerment of mental wellness can truly create: lasting change, adaptability, and resilience. We ultimately aim to lead by supporting examples of wisdom, strength and vitality for self-care as well as caring for and uplifting others for the greater good. Powered by our creativity, capacity, cultural diversity and wisdom, and supported by technology, it is our goal to share the processes, fruits and the joys of the art of living in harmony with our own intrinsic center and manifesting our capability to wholeheartedly share our gifts. Here, at the Sunder Foundation, this would truly be our puja.

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