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To measure the human spirit one would have to give up Hertz, Kelvins, Angstroms and any Planck length.

It becomes obvious that diversity and unity together defy and transcend all of our isolated endeavors trying to place a sculpted likeness on a wave or on an ocean and call it reality, conclusive, accurate, precise or even an “ism”.

With billions of years of evolutionary wisdom moving with the ebb and flow of emerging violent geology as well and the fragile balances in an ancient rain forest ecology, we sometimes find it difficult to stop and really watch and listen to the mastery in the silence.

One would think that by observing the coming together of various natural phenomena and material substance – energy and it’s expressions – we could consider letting go of arguing over our differences and be encouraged to share and harmonize our perspectives in a “yes and” forum. One would hope we could utilize the innate wisdom of how symbiosis acts in the world and how one can align with the paths of harmony and life itself. 

It is by understanding, compassion and vision that we will be able to travel passed adversity with loving kindness and courage – our humanity intact and made wiser by the integrated truths of the sciences, arts and cultures that have risen with us from the mud of creation. These all point to the diamonds in the rough of our greatest untapped and unexpressed potential.

We don’t have to look far to see the extreme possibilities that greater cooperation can bring as well as the great failures that our ignorance can create.

Mental wellness does not exist in a vacuum, it is a skill set and material expression of interactive, interrelated and an interconnected whole of not only parts but systems within the human being and their entire communities. It is this unity that determines true power and capacity.

Do we have the courage to dare to paint, sing, sculpt or vision a future of lasting peace and creative vigor to transform competitive individualism into a science, art and culture that fosters and celebrates health, abundance and joy?

There is an indigenous saying: “Best to ride the horse in the direction it is going.”

If nature’s wisdom is the lead horse, let’s recognize the milestones of courage, vision, foresight and abundance that our natural sharing can generate.

Here at the Sunder Foundation, we celebrate discovery and innovation in the sciences, arts and cultures of mental wellness, and to that end, we invite and support the visionaries and the torch bearers to share their fruits with the world.

May our passions be shared and become abundant. May our griefs be shared and become healed wisdom. May our hearts be shared so fear can finally be shown the door of truth as it has no more home in the spirit of the human being.


Keerthy Sunder

Dr Sunder at DesertDoctors’ General Meeting

Dr. Sunder at DesertDoctors' General Meeting Keerthy Sunder, M.D., our Chairman and Chief Medical Officer, Karma Doctors & Associates, P.C., will be speaking on the topic of Personalized TMS (PrTMS) for Brain Health Across the Life Span on Tuesday, March 19, 2024....

The Sunder Foundation at the 10th Annual Summit of Neuroscience20

The Sunder Foundation at the 10th Annual Summit of Neuroscience20   It was a delightful experience as we headed to the G20 Summit to attend the Neuroscience20 in New Delhi. Keerthy Sunder, MD (Founder and Chairman - Sunder Foundation) and Juanita...

10th Annual N20 Summit – New Delhi, India

The Sunder Foundation will be at the 10th Annual Summit of Neuroscience20 in New Delhi, India   Brain Health - Spine Health- Mental Health - Neurotech Innovation - Policy - Advocacy   The 10th Neuroscience20 Summit (a global partnership for fast-tracking...

Ukraine Humanitarian Mission

Ukraine Humanitarian Mission Doctors Around The World Offer to Help Ukraine A network of more than 100,000 doctors from around the world are pulling together to help the people of Ukraine. Medical Courses and Training Improving Combat Casualty Neurocritical Care...

Svetlana Tulasi – My Art and Me!

Svetlana Tulasi and Kathak troupe performing at SBMT GalaWhat was the first time you experienced a Kathak Performance? Honestly, I can’t remember which one exactly was my first ever Kathak performance, but it would be somewhere around the age of 10/11/12, just a few...

Sunder Foundation Executive Director Speaks About Art In Her Life

Juanita Nidhindra, Executive Director, Sunder FoundationWhat was the first time you experienced a work of visual art or a painting? When I would see the “Night Sky” as a young girl. I was awestruck by the beauty and mystery of the universe and the way that the stars...

Dr. Sunder Receives Golden Axon Leadership Award

Golden Axon Leadership Award presented to Dr Sunder at the "Gathering for a Cure" Gala This year, at the 20th Annual SBMT World Congress, there were close to 900 presenters covering a wide array of topics including Neuroscience & Psychiatry. The SBMT conference...

Dr. Sunder Spearheaded the Psychiatry Sub-committee & Events : SBMT 2023

Each year, the SBMT conference brings together leading clinicians, researchers, and other industry professionals to present and discuss the latest and most innovative advancements in brain mapping, neuroscience, and therapeutics. The psychiatry sub-committee of the...

The Sunder Foundation Awards 2023

The Sunder Foundation Awards 2023 The Sunder Foundation & The World Brain Mapping Foundation are collaborating to support SBMT's Global Physicians and Scientists (GPS) to bring the best science, technology, and innovation to individuals in rural areas and war...

SBMT & BMF Recognize General M. A. Milley & US Personnel

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley and US military personnel recognized for their leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic December 20, 2022 23:05 ET | Source: Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics WASHINGTON, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --...

The Sunder Foundation at N20 in Bali

9th Annual “N20” Neuroscience20 (Brain, Spine, and Mental Health) Summit to Shed Light On $16T+ Global Cost of Neuro-psychiatric Disorders N20 Summit aims to raise awareness about cost of neurological disorders to world economy November 13th-14th, 2022 at Bali’s...

Call for Nominations

The Sunder Foundation Awards

These three awards were established to celebrate creativity, excellence and courage.

Science & Innovation

Award for milestones, discoveries and implementation in the advancement of mental wellness in the areas of science, academic research, technological invention and innovation.

Arts & Culture

Award for outstanding work and creativity in the support and celebration of mental wellness in the areas of cultural stewardship, visual, literary, music & performing arts.

Policy & Leadership

Award for visionaries in social initiatives, public awareness and action in the support of mental wellness in the areas of social development, governance, policy, leadership & humanities.

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