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Keerthy Sunder MD

Keerthy Sunder, MD, is a leading double-board certified psychiatrist and the Chief Medical Officer of Karma Doctors & Associates, which has locations in Palm Desert and the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. He has over 20 years of experience and is committed to providing you with the most innovative and comprehensive treatment available.  Dr. Sunder’s exciting approach to integrated psychiatry seeks to forge an empowering and collaborative patient experience rooted in advanced, scientifically proven modalities. He and the dedicated and caring team of practitioners at Karma Doctors & Associates work with you to customize a tailor-made plan that will specifically address your personalized goals and needs. They believe it’s time for a paradigm shift in psychiatry. Simply being “not depressed” or “not anxious” is no longer a high enough standard to shoot for. They can do better. Happiness, fulfillment, and thriving through everyday life should be the goal.  Integrative psychiatry addresses the power of the mind and the chemistry of the brain to deliver powerful and optimized results.

Juanita Nidhindra

Juanita is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from IIT (Varanasi) and an experienced Digital Product, Engineering, Research & Development and Operations Leader. With over 20 years of experience, she has a remarkable track record of providing products and solutions to early-stage startups and large enterprises. She excels in software delivery and program management, and has a solid understanding of technology. She aims to use her technical abilities to turn scientific innovations into realistic opportunities and practical solutions that meet the needs of individuals or communities. This mission is reflected in her association with the Sunder Foundation.

Juanita has extensive experience in leadership roles such as co-founder, head of the global teams, and chief of staff for CEOs and CDOs. Her strength is creating programs and products, developing business and process strategies, and making decisions based on data and research. She has worked with teams all over the world to achieve the goals of the companies she has been a part of. Previously, as the COO of Moterum Technologies, a technology-enabled Chronic Care Services company in the Neuro-health field, Juanita was responsible for its global operations with an aim to deliver its vision in helping stroke survivors regain their independence. Prior to that, Juanita used to be the head of worldwide operations for 9zest (a company with Products and Services for mobility-challenged people due to disease or conditions like Stroke, Parkinsons, TBI etc). She was in charge of global projects and programs for top executives at GlobalLogic India (a Global Digital Product Engineering and Services Company). She started working as a software engineer at River Run Software Group ( aSoftware Company specializing in Mobility solutions) and then had several engineering roles at Fidelity Investments (a Financial Services Corporation).
Director Neuroscience Research

Dr. Kenneth Blum, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, DHL


Kenneth Blum is a well-known American Scientist recognized for his work related to Psychopharamcology and Psychiatric Genetics. He received a B. Sc. degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Columbia University (NYC); a master’s in medicine from New Jersey College of Medicine (Rutgers) and a PhD in Neuropharmacology from New York Medical College. He is the recipient of many honors and awards including the Marquis Who’s Who -Distinguished Top Professional to be featured in the Wall Street Journal. DR. Blum has published over 730 peer reviewed articles, book chapters and meeting abstracts with 17 books with over 17,000 citations and 185,000 reads worldwide. He has distinguished himself and credited with the first genetic association of the Dopamine D2 receptor gene and severe alcoholism published in JAMA, 1990. He is considered by some to be the Father of Psychiatric Genetics. In 1995, Dr. Blum coined the term “Reward Deficiency Syndrome(RDS)” and developed the USA and Foreign patented “Genetic Addiction Risk Severity”(GARS) test. Dr. Blum has also developed patented Pro-dopamine regulators int USA and Europe. His overall patent portfolio consists of 100 patents worldwide. Dr. Blum is the Editor -in-Chief on a number of academic journals including Current Psychopharmacology , Addiction Psychiatry, and Theranostic and Pharmacological Sciences. He also serves as Associate Editor for Frontiers in Psychiatry and Frontiers in Public Health both related to the section on Substance Use Disorder and Genes, Protein & disease. He is also serving as guest EIC on a collective for Psychology & Psychological Management and Cellular Molecular Neurobiology. He serves on 23 peer reviewed journals and is regional editor for Current Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology. Dr. Blum is also the founding President of the United Scientific Group, an academic publishing house. His work has been featured in all the major media outlets worldwide and in 1990 his work on genetics was in the top 25 most important discoveries in science by Discovery Magazine. He is the recipient on NIH grants and has been awarded Lifetime Achievements, distinguished Honorary Doctors of Humane Letters ; Life-time Honorary Professor at ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary and Distinguished Honorary Professor at Adelson School of Medicine, Ariel University, Israel. Currently, besides faculty positions as adjunct professor (Western University , University of Vermont, Wright School of Medicine), he is the Executive Chairman and CEO of TranspliceGen Therapeutics, Inc. Standford university credited him as top 2% World Best scientist list (2023). DR. Blum also serves on a number of scientific boards including the Center for Advanced Spine Care of Southern Arizona, Cross-Cultural Research and Educational Institute, Awareness Integration Institute, Quiet Mind Foundation, and Sunder Foundation. Dr. Blum also serves as scientific advisor for Electronic Waveform Lab, Victory Nutrition International, and Peak logic. Dr. Blum is a member of the Society of Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SMBMT) . Most recently the International Research Awards on Neurology and Neuro Disorders awarded him as “Best Researcher Award 2023.


Director of Strategic Partnerships

Anjali Krishna

Anjali graduated with a masters degree in biosciences. She has received extensive training in Medical and Psychiatric Clinical Trials and holds research certification from the University of California San Diego. As a sub-investigator overseeing numerous clinical trials in Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Substance Disorders, Anjali mastered the art and science of psychometric data collection that included SCID, CAPS, BDI, HAM-D, EPDS and several other scales.

Anjali transitioned from her Clinician Researcher role to business operations, human resource administration, and providing strategic oversight and direction to the growth of Karma Doctors & Karma TMS companies. Additionally, she enjoys the interface of Neurotechnology and Mental Health. In this role she has helped in the development and implementation of Karma EHR as well as training herself in the application of Neurofeedback, NuCalm, and TMS.


Seth Rowanwood

Seth is an Ontario College of Art Graduate and a 34 year graphic design veteran, an award-winning artist, illustrator, musician and writer. Most notably, Seth was winner of both the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrator of the Future, and Gold Awards for 2010. Following the awards. June Scobee Rogers asked Seth to illustrate the cover of the 25th Anniversary Edition of her book “Silver Linings”. Ms. Scobee Rogers, founder of the Challenger Centers, was the wife of the late Dick Scobee, pilot on the Challenger flight in 1986. The book cover art was brought aboard the last Atlantis Flight 33 – The final space shuttle missions, STS-135 in 2011. – orbiting the earth and docking with the International Space Station. The physical reproduction of digital artwork travelled 5,284,862 Statute miles, 200 Earth Orbits and 12 Days, 18h 27m 56s off the ground.

Seth’s passion in life is to expand and share his understanding of verbal and non-verbal expression, such as in visual arts, design, music and literary arts. Seth illustrated his first children’s comic called Anex & Bit for Topsy Books. Seth has also illustrated several children’s picture books available on amazon.



Rachel Carranza

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Justice Studies from California State University San Marcos. She is an aspiring Law Student, who also has a deep interest in Psychiatry. Rachel started her journey with us as an Intern, during which she mastered the administration of various Neuromodulation and Biofeedback modalities. Rachel seamlessly integrated into the team with her charismatic personality, adept organizational skills, and her resourceful attitude. She transitioned from her role as an intern to Executive Practice Administrator. Rachel’s all-encompassing role includes ensuring that company goals and objectives are accomplished, and operations run efficiently, coordinating internal and external resources to expedite workflow, liaising with other executives on various projects and tasks, and coordinating and managing executive scheduling.  

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The Sunder Foundation Awards

These three awards were established to celebrate creativity, excellence and courage.

Science & Innovation

Award for milestones, discoveries and implementation in the advancement of mental wellness in the areas of science, academic research, technological invention and innovation.

Arts & Culture

Award for outstanding work and creativity in the support and celebration of mental wellness in the areas of cultural stewardship, visual, literary, music & performing arts.

Policy & Leadership

Award for visionaries in social initiatives, public awareness and action in the support of mental wellness in the areas of social development, governance, policy, leadership & humanities.

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